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The United Way Impact Agenda helps focus the efforts of our community. The agenda has been set by a diverse group of people and organizations who are dedicated to making a difference in people's lives. The work of volunteers, and the energy and resources of the community are targeted in areas where they can have the greatest results.

How is your contribution invested in your community?

Your contribution is invested carefully and systematically in programs that work. We have a great responsibility to make sure your gift is invested in the most effective way possible. Ninety four percent of the dollars raised in the community remains in the community. United Way of Central Kane county is focused on the bottom line results; the lives we change and the communities we help to shape. We know that is what matters to you.

Important facts about United Way of Central Kane County

  • More than 94 cents out of every dollar raised stays right here in the community.  Dues to United Way of America are four percent of gross contributions.
  • United Way of Central Kane County raises and distributes funds to agencies and their programs that provide valuable health and human care needs to people in the Central Kane County area.
  • More than 13,000 local people are helped each year by contributions through United Way of Central Kane County.
  • Allocations to agency programs help reduce the amount of time agencies must spend fundraising;  allowing them to focus on the provision and improvement of their programs.
  • The United Way of Central Kane County is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and people from the communities of St. Charles, Elburn, Geneva, LaFox, Kaneville, Wasco and Campton Hills—not from a corporate headquarters hundreds of miles away.
  • Donations to United Way are cost-effective, helping many people who use the services of our agencies’ programs.
  • Experienced volunteers who are knowledgeable of local needs monitor agencies and make sure the donor’s money is well spent.
  • Our campaign is managed by volunteers, thus keeping the campaign costs to a minimum.
  • United Way of Central Kane County helps relieve the tax burden in our communities by helping agencies provide vital programs.

Workplace campaigns

If you participate in an employer-sponsored United Way campaign outside of central Kane County, you can still ensure that your contribution benefits your home community. Simply designate on your pledge form that you want your pledge to be directed to United Way of Central Kane County (United Way #15476).

Prefer to donate monthly? Click here to set up your automatic payments.


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